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Musician Tutorials

Band Websites

Build the ultimate website for your band

Career & Management

How to get gigs, your future as a musician and more

DJ, Mixing & Recording

Guides on recording your first demo, mixing, making beats and more

Drums & Percussion

Drumming tips and tricks. If you need a drum kit, check out this list and read customer reviews.


Make your first guitar purchase the right one, hardware how-to's and more


Playing techniques, complete lessons, tips and tricks and much more.
If you don't own one, read this store's guitar reviews (by customers) to find the right one for you.

Guitar Maintenance

How to replace strings, cleaning, storing and more

Inner & Outer Musician

How to deal with stage fright, injuries and more

Inspiration and Creativity

Helping you get your creative juices flowing


Keyboard & Piano

Keyboard and piano tutorials. Need a keyboard to play on? See this store.

Music Industry

Labels, the media and more

Music Software - Beginner

Guides on CD and DVD burning, CD and DVD ripping plus more

Music Software - Intermediate

Audio editing and more

Music Software - Pro

Laying down tracks, multitrack recording and more

Music Videos

Guides on shooting music videos

Promotion & Selling

Guides on marketing your music


Singing tutorials, making a living as a professional singer and more


Songwriting and notation lessons