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Choosing The Perfect Guitar Amplifier
by Michael Russell
Choosing an the perfect guitar amplifier to purchase is dependant on many different details. You cannot choose the right amplifier on somebody\'s word, or by how many watts the amp [read more]
Buying a Guitar - Do You Know What to Look For?
by Kathy Unruh
Buying a guitar is an important decision that my students have often asked me about. They want to know what they should be looking for. This is an important question [read more]
Purchasing Musical Equipment
by David Willis
Whether you are a guitarist, singer, drummer or violinist, you should always get good professional advice when it comes to purchasing any equipment. When considering purchasing a musical instrument, the most [read more]
Tips on Using a Metronome
by Kathy Unruh
To some of you, the thought of using a metronome may conjure up old memories of past piano lessons. If the experience was an unpleasant one you may have developed [read more]
How to Buy a Pawn Shop Guitar the Safe Way
by Chris Watson
There is something about pawn shops. In fact, some people recorded whole albums about them. As a man, I think it's the smell. Seriously. Next time you walk past a [read more]