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Cassette to MP3/WAV
by Geoff Nicholson
A lot of people seem stumped when it comes to converting tape recordings to the MP3 format. 'What software should I use?' and 'how do I connect my cassette player [read more]
MP3 explained: a beginner's guide
by Geoff Nicholson
MP3 has changed the way people listen to music on the Internet. The average pop song converted into a Wav file took hours to download on a 28.8Kbs modem connection [read more]
by Geoff Nicholson
Every couple of days, it seems that we field the 'how do i make a midi from a wav?' question. And every couple of days, we say 'try Digital Ear'. [read more]
What is AAC?
by Geoff Nicholson
Someone recently asked us what AAC is. It's a great question so we've provided the answer. It stands for Advanced Audio Coding and it offers better compression and better sound quality [read more]
Quick Audio Preview in Windows XP
by Scott R. Garrigus
As musicians, we work with audio files on a regular basis. If you're anything like me, you have a very large collection of audio files, sample files, sample loops, etc. [read more]
What is an equalizer
by Bella Tu
To equalize is to obtain a desired overall frequency response through the use of a graphic equalizer. Frequency is the number of vibrations or oscillations in units per second, which is [read more]
Converting AAC to MP3 (M4A to MP3)
Ryan Smyth, Renegade Minds
I'm often asked about AAC and transcoding (converting) it to MP3. While there are some commercial converters available, while fiddling with iTunes can I foudn that it can do this [read more]
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