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Musician Tutorials

How to handle music journalists
by Geoff Nicholson
Handling interviews the easy way! Unless you've got the luxury of scoring air play or have connections with the right people, the main way your band will initially get its name [read more]
Managing Your Time, when Music isn't Your "Day Job"
by Linda Dessau
You CAN do everything. Repeat. You CAN do everything. What you cannot do, however, is do everything at the same time, or create a day that’s longer than 24 hours. The two most [read more]
How to Become a Successful Independent Artist or Songwriter
by Lynn Monk
By far the most important skill to have if you wish to become successful with anything, is ATTITUDE. An old Chinese proverb once said, "90% of the journey towards success [read more]
Successful Performing Artist - The 20 Things you Need to Know
by Lynn Monk
As a "performing artist", you want to come across to your audience and other music business professionals as being reliable, and professional in your work. To do this, it is important [read more]
Choosing a Teacher
by Tom Hess
The electric guitar has advanced far beyond the time when someone could teach himself (or herself) to become a world class player. If your ambition is to become a competent [read more]
Do You Really Need a Teacher?
by Tom Hess
If you really want to learn music well, you will do so much faster with a good teacher. Imagine an 8th grader saying he doesn't need to go to school [read more]
For Love Or Money
by Tom Hess
"Hey Tom, I wanted/needed to e-mail you because I have some frustrating questions in terms of music and the mainstream music business and I just wanted to get some insight [read more]
Take the Test
by Tom Hess
If you consider yourself to be pessimistic person, do yourself a favor, - don’t waste your time reading another word. In my music Careers Mentoring Program, I ask my students [read more]
How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician ~ Facts and Myths
by Tom Hess
“What does it take to become a professional guitar player and musician?” The answer remains a huge mystery for the vast majority of people. Traditionally, conventional wisdom [read more]
Music Career Mode Reality Check
Reprinted from Bob Baker's Indie Music Promotion Blog
I've come to the conclusion that much of the frustration exhibited by aspiring musicians is a result of mixed modes. I'm sure you know people who suffer from this affliction. [read more]
How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician~ Part 2 Facts and Myths
by Tom Hess
To get the most out of this article, it is critical that you read Part 1 to this series before reading on… …There are few things more tragic than a [read more]