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Using MIDI Control in Sonar
on Thursday 31 August 2006
by Guillaume Jeulin author list print the content item {PDF=create pdf file of the content item^plugin:content.139}
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by Guillaume Jeulin
Blue Cat Audio

This tutorial will help you understand how to use parameters MIDI control in Cakewalk Sonar. It is applicable to any DXi plug-in (MIDI enabled DirectX plug-in).

Step By Step

01 - Insert a DXi effect:

02 - On a MIDI track, assign the output to your DXi effect, and select 'MIDI Omni' as input:

03 - Open the Preset Settings Window:

04 - Uncheck 'Use global setting':

05 - Enable the parameter you want to control:

06 - Click on the 'Learn' button:

07 - Move your MIDI controller:

08 -The right controller channel and CC number have been automatically set (you can also assign them manually, and use '0' for the channel for MIDI Omni):

09 - Click on 'Ok', the parameter is now assigned to your controller and is modified when you move the controller:

10 - You can also modify the response curve (Min, Max, Response) of the MIDI mapping:

11 - Double click on the values to set them with more precision:

You are now able to use the MIDI capabilities of your DXi plug-ins in Cakewalk Sonar. Download one of the Blue Cat Audio Freeware products and enjoy real time MIDI control for free.

Blue Cat Audio develops audio software for musicians and audio professionals. Our products portfolio contains VST and DirectX plug-ins for PC. See the Products section to browse the catalog. Benefit from our unique native DSP platform and enhance your creativity!

Blue Cat Audio also provides software development services for musicians and audio professionals. See the Services section for more information.

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