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Finding glitches with Sound Forge
on Tuesday 20 June 2006
by Scott Garrigus author list print the content item {PDF=create pdf file of the content item^plugin:content.33}
in Music Software - Intermediate
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by Scott R. Garrigus

During a live recording, you can't go back and ask the performers to do it again. So if your live recording suffers any audio problems, you're stuck with fixing them after the fact. With Sound Forge, this can be a fairly easy task because it provides a number of tools for fixing audio glitches. The Find tool allows you locate quick 'pops' and 'clicks' that may occur in the audio. To use this tool, do the following:

1) Choose Tools > Find.
2) For the Find parameter, choose Glitch.
3) For the Sensitivity parameter, enter 0.
4) Set the Threshold to -60 (this may need adjusting depending on the level of the glitches).
5) Click OK to find the first glitch.
6) Press CTRL+Y on your computer keyboard to find successive glitches without having to open the Find dialog box each time.

After you've found a glitch, you can repair it using the various repair tools that Sound Forge provides. For more information about dealing with audio noise, read 'Nix the Noise from Your Recordings' in issue 12 of DigiFreq:

Copyright 2004 by Scott R. Garrigus. Reprinted with permission.

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