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The Pentatonic-Scale - Pattern 4
on Tuesday 20 June 2006
by Dirk Hagemann author list print the content item {PDF=create pdf file of the content item^plugin:content.61}
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Well, probably the most used Scale in improvising is the Pentatonic
Scale. The Pentatonic Scale consists only of 5 Tones and it exists
in a major and minor type...

4th Pattern

Like the first patterns we stay in the keytone A. And the this pattern
on the fingerboard looks like this:

    12  13  14  15

e |-x-|---|---|-x-|

B |---|-x-|---|-x-|

G |-x-|---|-x-|---|

D |-x-|---|-x-|---|

A |-x-|---|---|-x-|

E |-x-|---|---|-x-|

Practise: Play the second pattern from the the high E-string to the
low E-string and back

e |-------------------------------12-15-|-15-12-------------------------------|

H |-------------------------13-15-------|-------15-13-------------------------|

G |-------------------12-14-------------|-------------14-12-------------------|

D |-------------12-14-------------------|-------------------14-12-------------|

A |-------12-15-------------------------|-------------------------15-12-------|

E |-12-15-------------------------------|-------------------------------15-12-|

Now you know the first four patterns. Practise them, until you can
play them easily and smoothly!

Practise: Move the patterns on the fingerboard into other keys!

Now we take a look how the patterns can be connected on the fingerboard:

1 = Notes from Pattern 1 

2 = Notes from Pattern 2 

1/2 = common notes from Pattern 1 and 2.

3 = Notes from Pattern 3

2/3 = common notes from Pattern 2 and 3

4 = Notes from Pattern 4

3/4 = common notes from Pattern 3 and 4

    5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15

e |-1-|---|---|1/2|---|2/3|---|3/4|---|---|-4-|

B |-1-|---|---|1/2|---|2/3|---|---|3/4|---|-4-|

G |-1-|---|1/2|---|2/3|---|---|3/4|---|-4-|---|

D |-1-|---|1/2|---|---|2/3|---|3/4|---|-4-|---|

A |-1-|---|1/2|---|---|2/3|---|3/4|---|---|-4-|

E |-1-|---|---|1/2|---|2/3|---|3/4|---|---|-4-|

Practise both patterns alone and in connection on the fingerboard!

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