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Vocal Exercises to Improve Your Singing Voice
on Thursday 22 June 2006
by David Willis author list print the content item {PDF=create pdf file of the content item^plugin:content.91}
in Singing
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It's time to take the plunge and call a reputable Singing Teacher if you have the urge to improve your voice or you have that dream to become performer on stage or television.

But, if you feel that you need to develop some more confidence before you talk to a Singing Specialist then why not search the internet, maybe using Google or Yahoo, and get hold of some easily downloadable Singing Exercises. All you have to do is type "Singing Exercises" or "Vocal Exercises" into the Search Engine and you're on your way to developing some confidence with your singing.

Spend a few days practising your breathing and vocal exercises in a quiet spot in your house or even copy them to a CD and practise in your car on your way to work or school. At the beginning, don't practise in front of others because they may be too critical which might discourage you from pursuing your dream.

You'll be amazed at how quickly your voice can improve as you practise the beathing, phrases, vowel sounds, scales and arpeggios.

Once your voice starts to improve with the Singing Exercises, it's time to download some Backing Tracks or even some Karaoke files which are easy to find on the net and are particularly easy to play in MIDI format on your computer. You can even download a free Karaoke Player like the one at This player even allows you to change the pitch and tempo, tailoring the backing to your needs. Most MIDI files even have a melody which you can mute later when you are more practiced.

Once you've developed some confidence, then you're ready to call a qualified, professional teacher in your area. Your Singing Teacher will take you through the next steps to becoming a better singer and maybe you will be the next Idol, making your own CDs, performing like a STAR on stage and TV! Or, maybe you will be proud of yourself for downloading those exercises and improving your voice just for you. All the best and keep aiming high and you'll be head closer to achieving your ultimate goals!

DAVID WILLIS - Singing Teacher to the STARS!
Over the years, David Willis has made quite an impact on Australian EDUCATION and the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. An accomplished pianist, singer and actor, David owns the Gold Coast branch of the Australian Talent School, teaching professionals and amateurs of all ages the art of Singing and Presentation, whilst nurturing their passion for Music and Performance.

As a specialist Singing, Speech & Presentation Teacher for over 20 years, David is proud of his SUCCESS STORIES including STARS from TV and Stage! To find out more about David's unique style of teaching, his success stories and his special Singing Exercises offer, log onto...

David's unique WARMUP EXERCISES have been graded from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced. They are guaranteed to greatly improve your singing in a very short time. All it takes is a few minutes each day. Amateur and professional singers world-wide are thrilled with the results they get from the exercises!

Vocal Exercises to Improve Your Singing Voice Oblong 11 Feb : 22:21 Reply to this
Comments: 1

Registered: 11 Feb : 22:06
Wow David, thanks for the excellent advice! You mean that to improve my singing I need to practice? What a revelation!
And thanks for the detailed practical exercises... wait a minute, there aren't any. But then if you gave that out for free people may not fork out for your "expert" instruction, right? ;-)
Maybe I should just sign up for your professional lessons and you can turn me into a star too, just like, *ahem*, Daniel Merriweather...

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