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Musician Tutorials

How to Construct Chords and Improvise
by Ron Worthy
How To Construct Basic Chords on the Piano The easiest way to start learning how to build chords is to practice their constructions in the key of C Major. You're just [read more]
How to Play Piano and Write Music
by Ron Worthy
You are neither too young nor too old to play piano and compose. If you think otherwise, get that fairy tale out of your head. A few geniuses began at age [read more]
Play Piano - How to Play Piano By Ear
by Ron Worthy
Training your ear is much the same as training your dog: you keep shouting orders at it until it recognizes what a certain sound means. For example, if someone sat at [read more]
Play Piano - How to Play Shell Voicings
by Ron Worthy
Shell voicings are simple but functional. They make use of the root and either the third of the seventh any chord. Sometimes referred to as "shell" voicings, these are commonly used [read more]
A Digital Or An Acoustic Piano?
by Peter Edvinsson
If I have to choose between buying an acoustic piano or a digital piano what is the best choice? let\'s take a look at the different choices if you want [read more]
How To Play II-V-I Progressions In C Major
by Peter Edvinsson
Let me give you some easy progressions that will help you in your improvisational piano playing! What is a progression? A progression is a set of chords played consecutively. Generally, successive chords [read more]