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Creating The Perfect Structure For Your Song
by Ian Waugh
You know what they say about rules? Actually they say lots of things about rules but here's two - rules were made to be broken, and you have to know [read more]
Reading Music Notes
by Jeffrey Meier
Reading music notes look complicated and many people especially kids loose their interest thinking that it is too difficult. On the contrary, at least the basics of reading music can [read more]
How To Write A Song
by Michael Russell
Did you ever wish that it was your song playing on the radio? It could be. It is not that hard once you know the formula. With a little creativity, [read more]
Songwriting with the Electric Guitar
by Michael Russell
The electric guitar is probably the easiest instrument to use for writing songs. This is due to the fact that it is played through an amplifier. Most amplifiers have many [read more]
Writing Hit Songs
by Michael Russell
There are a lot of factors to writing a hit song. First, you should focus on writing a good song. Once you've done that, you are not far away from [read more]
Copyright Basics for Songwriters
by Kathy Unruh
Should you copyright your song? If you're a songwriter, sooner or later you will probably have some questions about getting your material copyrighted. Since I've already been down this road [read more]
Express Yourself
by Tom Hess
I believe "Self Expression" is the pinnacle of all art. Anything less, "is less" in my opinion. I'm not going to debate that view or try to persuade any of [read more]
Songwriting - Part 1
by Tom Hess
Most people approach songwriting in the same general way. For those that write music, versus lyric writing only, that process is to go to their instrument and improvise until they [read more]
Songwriting - Part 2
by Tom Hess
In this article, I've expanded upon the list of ideas for each concept. Before getting to that I want to point out most of these ideas are entry strategies for [read more]
Songwriting - Part 3
by Tom Hess
In Part 2, I expanded ideas regarding starting the songwriting process by beginning with melody and chords first. Here I'll go into greater detail with other processes to start with [read more]
How to Tell What Major Key a Song is in Quickly & Easily
by Duane Shinn
Key signatures are a type of musical notation that indicate which key the song is to be played in. But key signatures, despite the name, are not the same thing [read more]
Why Is Completing Your Songs Important?
by Peter Edvinsson
Do you find it easy to write songs? Too easy? Well, I at least have had a problem with this. If you would visit our home and my garage you would [read more]