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Musician Tutorials

Jealous Again - Jealousy Among Musicians
by Linda Dessau
Jealousy – do you feel it? Do you sense it in others? Does it hinder your relationships with other musicians? Does it sap your confidence? Does it block your creativity? [read more]
Musicians Injuries: OUCH, It Hurts When I Play (But Please Don't Tell Me To Stop!)
by Linda Dessau
This article takes a look at musicians' injuries. For an expert perspective, I interviewed Dr. Sarah Mickeler, B.Mus., D.C. Dr. Mickeler is a former professional musician and a chiropractor who [read more]
Performing, What's the Big Deal?
by Linda Dessau
Performance anxiety is not something that only happens to musicians, singers, actors and dancers. It happens any time we feel pressure to "perform" in a specific situation or over a [read more]
Coping with Stagefright
by Kathy Unruh
Does the thought of playing your guitar in public give you the willies? Stagefright is a common experience among musicians. Your hands begin to sweat, your face gets flush and [read more]
Student Abuse
by Jamie Andreas
When I was 17, I began my teaching career, being hired by the local music school where I had taken a few years of lessons. They hired me because I [read more]